The International Society of Business Leaders Recognizes Dr. Stavros P. Xanthopoylos


Stavros Xanthopoylos is founder and CEO of SPX Consulting in 1989 is fulltime committed to assist schools, universities and corporations in their educational strategy, educational solution and management. Active in open education holds a seat at the Board of the OEC- MIT – Open Educational Consortium, is the International Director of ABED – The Brazilian Distance Education Association. He is a member and judge of the Learning Impact Awards at the IMS Global Institute, member and contributor for ICDE – International Council for Open and Distance Education, where he contributes in advocating and enhancing the field of Open, Flexible and Distance Education, at events, such as the High Level Policy Education Forum at UNESCO.
Stavros Xanthopoylos retired as the Vice Dean of Executive Education and Dean of Online Education at FGV/Brazil, and widely known as an author, lecturer, and coordinator. This important role requires him to manage a school with 70K students, 1K lecturers, in 112 cities with over 500 employees, 25 partner companies, and 15 directors/superintendents. He continues at FGV as an author of two online courses and invited Professor.
He believes in a constantly changing world, especially in education, with the impact of network technologies, the digital world and the personal devices revolution. The global world is no longer made of country boundaries, but is a set of hubs that can be interconnected as suited to create attractive and interesting business and value models in the broad scope of the educational and corporate learning scenario.
Stavros has been involved with flexible, online, open and traditional education at all levels for over 30 years and is honored to contribute and learn with the network exchanges with the community of executives and professionals in this association. He is a three time winner of the Educational Personality of the Year Award in Brazil fro 2011, 2013, and 2014.vHe has been invited to speak and debate on DE in conferences, such as ICDE, IMS Global Learning Consortium, he judges for the Learning Impact Awards since 2010. He is an author of chapters and articles, especially in KM, DE and OER, is interviewed and consulted as a specialist in the field of OER´s and DE by the media, government agencies and the public administration. He is in the Specialist Committee for NMC Horizon Report in Brazil. In 2014, he was appointed National Chancellor for Education by the Brazilian Honors to Merit Academy.
Xanthopoylos´s work in DE and OER´s has been recognized both nationally and internationally, under FGV Online and individually, with dozens of awards both in the academia and in the corporate world, outstanding his three elections as one of the ten Educational Personalities of Brazil, earning him the right to be listed in the Role of Honor of Great Educators
Xanthopoylos holds a PhD in Business Administration from FGV-EAESP, his postgraduate and graduation degrees were both obtained in Production Engineering at The Polytechnic School at the University of São Paulo (USP).
In his spare time he loves to have fun and unwind through playing rugby, tennis, and painting. He resides in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
International Society of Business Leaders, Member, Stavros P. Xanthopoylos, PhD, can be found in the Society Directory, where he is looking forward to networking with you.