The International Society of Business Leaders Recognizes Eduardo Capobianco Zaidan

Eduardo Capobianco May ZaidanEduardo Capobianco Zaidan, President of CPC Rental, is a seasoned construction industry professional operating on a national level and eager to expand globally. He is also co-founder of LifeCode Brasil a startup aiming to change people’s health with an electronic medical record that can be accessed anywhere. Eduardo is an economist and received his MBA in Finance & Corporate Finance from IBMEC (INSPER) in 2010.
In his current position, Eduardo is responsible for all the company operations, rentals, equipment manage and acquisitions, management, sales, team leadership, and ensuring excellent customer service and customer satisfaction. His background in the industry includes working for one of the biggest construction companies in Brazil for nine years before engaging in a venture with his brothers and a friend. He is proud of assisting a former employer in achieving a 60 percent increase in profits in two years and selling the company for 17,5 times the projected EBITDA. He attributes his success to his hard work and resilience to overcome difficult situations, always trying to make the best out of them.
In his own words, Eduardo explains why he values his membership in the International Society of Business Leaders:
“In my company we are always looking for new ways to deliver the best experience for our customers and stakeholders. This continuous quest for performance and innovation is only possible by having the best employees for each position and by challenge them all the time to leave their comfort zone and hunt the best solution for each problem every day. For this to occur we believe there must be an exchange of information between companies and employees from different sectors at all times. This membership can help our company to connect with other leaders to exchange experiences and develop new partnerships.”
In his spare time Eduardo enjoys motorcycling, dirt biking, water skiing and snow skiing. Eduardo resides in São Paulo Brazil.
International Society of Business Leaders Member Eduardo Capobianco Zaidan can be found in the Society Directory, where he is looking forward to networking with you.

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