The International Society of Business Leaders Recognizes Franck Glaizal


Franck Glaizal is the Chairman of Glaizal & Partners, a management consulting firm operating across France, UK, Italy and the United States. Comprised of San Carlo Group Italy, a food industry leader and brand, and Spring Studios, a New York City, London and Milan based venue management firm and global advertising agency, Glaizal and Partners conducts long term branding and development. An expert in marketing and seasoned in high-end sales on the international level, Franck oversees all operations and decisions for the company, and is currently based in New York City.
In addition to earning a Master’s in Political Sciences from Sciences Po Paris, Franck has amassed over 30 years of experience in marketing, in sales and in global management as CEO of big companies. He launched his career in the San Francisco area as a Junior Marketing Manager for Essilor International Multioptics Corporation, and transitioned into Sales Management for Danone in France. Prior to branching out on his own and becoming his own boss, Franck served as the CEO for more than 20 years for Danone Group Materne SA, Danone Group Agnesi SpA, GPV Group and GL Events.
In between his many international travels, Franck calls New York City Home. Currently, he is enjoying the expansion of his company’s activities across the US. He speaks fluent English, French and Italian.
International Society of Business Leaders Member of the Year Franck Glaizal, MSc can be found in the Society Directory, where he is looking forward to networking with you.