The International Society of Business Leaders Recognizes Harold Groeneveld, MA


Director of Online Sales & Marketing at M7 Group S.A, a major provider of Digital TV and Triple Play Services for business and residential customers, Harold engages people digitally to watch TV at home in HD Quality – Emotion in the living room. Harold Groeneveld is a successful digital sales and marketing executive with a passion for e-commerce, e-business, and sales. He excels at creating synergies between e-commerce and sales endeavors, digital and online marketing, and digital sales strategy, as well as team leadership.
He is an e-business executive with a heart for sales, and is always on the lookout for that creative peg for digital strategies to engage and collaborate. In his pragmatic way, he tries to bring digital emotion to life. A congenial conversationalist with just the right amount of curiosity, Harold may even venture to offer unsolicited advice about your business or idea.
Harold’s key responsibilities include all economic business activity, sales and marketing related to all territories, and managing a team of specialists in e-commerce, as well as team members in Luxembourg. He reports directly to the CEO, and brings a strategic and hands-on approach to managing new business services and to digital marketing/e-business.  One major focus of his role is to engage people digitally to watch TV at home in HD Quality – Emotion in the living room.
Harold graduated with a Master’s in Marketing from Oxford University and a Master’s in Marketing with a concentration in Strategic Marketing from NCOI Opleidingsgroep (NCOI Education Group) in 1997, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Commercial Economics from Hogeschool van Utrecht in 1993. He speaks fluent English, Dutch, German, and some Luxembourgish and French. Originally, he was drawn to this industry during his studies, and five years ago, he started working with M7, a classic organization, focused on B2B end customers, where his goal was to transform it to entertainment into the home or anywhere in the world with both linear and streaming TV.
Going forward, Harold would like to attain a high-level position as Chief Commercial Officer or return to working with his former boss in such a role. The key to his success is communicating well with different people and helping them to do their jobs properly. He also excels at detecting people’s strengths and helping them operate effectively as a group.
Harold would like to network and see how other businesses are coping with their growth strategies and how they’re approaching transforming to more e-commerce and e-business. As a self-described congenial conversationalist, he welcomes the opportunity to exchange ideas and best approaches to dealing with business challenges. When he’s not working, Harold enjoys motor biking, cycling, and hiking. His wife works for KLM and they are involved with Wings Of Support, which helps build schools in Africa. They reside in Luxembourg.
International Society of Business Leaders, Member, Harold Groeneveld, MA, can be found in the Society Directory, where he is looking forward to networking with you.