The International Society of Business Leaders Recognizes Ihab Atalla

Ihab Atalla


Ihab Atalla has over 20 years of experience in his career. As Vice President of Sales for K2view, he is responsible for customer relationships and experience, and handles, business view, proposals and demonstration, and the packaging and delivery of products.  He enjoys working with customers and developing the business, and is known for his ability to build a strong team.

A global digital transformation and enterprise technology leader, Ihab bridges gap between technology and businesses. He is a visionary who can identify high-value opportunities and small changes that have major impact with outstanding results. He is an expert in building operating systems, effective lean processes using six sigma principles to optimize processes and to improve overall system efficiencies. In addition, he is an international change agent who drives advanced global technologies and innovation.

He holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Organizational Leadership & Development from TECHNION, Institute of Technology (Israel), and a Master of Civil, Statistics and Environmental Engineering. (MSc). He also completed a
Diploma in Computer Science, C, C++, C#, Unix, Amdocs School (Israel), and is an Oracle Certified Professional SQL/PSQL Administration. He is a Bachelor of Geodetic & Astronomy Engineering. (BSc), and Civil Engineering. (BSc).

Ihab is a seasoned public speaker and was recipient of the Leadership Award. Looking ahead, he is preparing for a move back to the United States and hopes to take on a role at the Senior VP level. He credits his success to patience, continuous learning, teamwork and customer relationships, and is looking forward to connecting with likeminded professionals.

The International Society of Business Leaders Member, Ihab Atalla, can be found on the Society Directory, where he is looking forward to networking with you.
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