The International Society of Business Leaders Recognizes Johan Willem Egtberts

Johan Willem Egtberts

Johan Willem is the owner and CEO of Egtberts Beheer bv. A professional with over 25 years of experience, Johan’s expertise in culture change within organizations are highly sought after. Throughout his career, Johan has consulted small and medium sized enterprises, profit and non-profit, and international organizations. He focuses on change by coaching and counseling individuals and teams. Johan is also an experienced keynote speaker. He has been invited to speak at many conferences and seminars through his career. In recent days, Johan speaks on matters concerning healthcare and public services.
He has been specializing in culture change in organizations since 1988, after receiving his Master’s degree in Clinical and Social Psychology. In 1995 he accrued a post-master’s degree in management consultancy, and in 1998 became a registered mediator. In 1999, he received his doctorate (honoris causa) in Business Management & Change in Wuhan (PRC) and was appointed as guest professor in the field.
Over the years, Johan has supported all sorts of organizations through change and transition of culture, from small and medium sized enterprises to multinationals as well as for profit and not for profit organizations. At the moment, he focuses on change by coaching and counseling (individuals and teams) and tries to give something back to society by doing volunteer work (e.g. board of the Dutch Red Cross) and membership of the city council of his hometown.
Johan is a professional who prides himself in continuous education, and is currently pursuing a masters of law degree. He is fluent in German and English, with elementary proficiency in French. He holds a LLB in International Humanitarian Law, Ph.D. in Business Management and Change, MBA in Management Consultancy, and a MSc in Clinical and Social Psychology. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, photography, and bicycling, and resides in the Netherlands.
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