The International Society of Business Leaders Recognizes Jonathan Frost



Jonathan Frost is an exceptional businessman and great asset to his company, Noviva DWC LLC, where he is the Founder and Managing Director.

Noviva trades in conflict certified mineral ores produced in the DR Congo and sold to International Refineries.

Jonathan began his career as a Commercial Property Surveyor, but quickly moved into the then rapidly expanding mobile telecoms market. He then formed his own distribution company and exported to the fast-growing global markets. In the mid 1990s, Jonathan sold his business to a large US Nasdaq listed Company, whereafter he ran their Pan-European Business for three years, annually achieving triple digit sales growth and achieving revenues in excess of $500m.

In 2000, Jonathan moved to Monte Carlo and set up a private investment vehicle focusing on real estate, trading, renewable energy, minerals and mining and water filtration. He has over 20 years of International Business and Trading experience as well as a wide and extensive range of international relationships with many companies in the consumer electronics industry. Besides Monte Carlo, he has also lived in the United Kingdom, Spain and Dubai.

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