The International Society of Business Leaders Recognizes Louis Shakinovsky

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Louis Shakinovsky is currently, and has been from inception, Chairman of, and shareholder in Global Dental Services (Clove Dental), the largest dental group in India, operating 228 wholly owned dental clinics, to date.
Whilst completing his bachelor’s degree in Psychology, English  & Law, from the University of The Witwatersrand, Louis, from 1965, worked his way up the ranks of PGSI/Belron to become Main Board Executive Director, Head of Legal & Credit, an executive post he held for 35 years. From 1970- 2003 Louis led more than 800 mergers & acquisitions. Thereafter Louis served as a Non-Executive Director on the Main Board of Belron® International, until 2017 – a total of 51 years service. As the only non-family shareholder in the company’s history, Louis played an integral role in the management and trajectory of Belron, which today operates in 35 countries on 5 continents and, with revenues of $4.5 billion, ranks as the world’s largest Automotive Glass Repair and Replacement Company.
In addition to his active Chairmanship of Global Dental Services and Chairman of the Ethics committee, Louis is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and runs a clinical practice in Harley Street London & Bristol. He selectively offers life-coaching services, and specializes in helping his patients succeed in managing relationship problems, stress, anxiety, IBS, eating disorders, chronic pain, insomnia, fear, addictions, and phobias.  Patients are by referral from a panel of Doctors.
Louis is the Chairman and Co-Founder of the Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Centre of Excellence. He is a Life Member of the Royal Society of Medicine. He resides in Surrey, United Kingdom, where outside of running his practice and keeping tabs on the international Dental healthcare scene, he enjoys reading, rugby, motor biking, and previously piloted a helicopter. He speaks fluent English and Afrikaans, and has a rudimentary understanding of French.
The International Society of Business Leaders Member Louis Shakinovsky can be found on the Society Directory, where he is looking forward to networking specifically in connection with Dentistry and, the diagnosis and surgical treatment of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.
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