The International Society of Business Leaders Recognizes Mark Lemon

Mark Lemon is the president and owner at Pro-Formance Drilling Fluids, an independent drilling fluid services company in Houston, Texas. He started Pro Formance Drilling Fluids because he saw that customer service in the industry was lacking. He has been in the drilling fluid industry for more than 39 years. His company has had great success, even in down markets because they deliver on their promises.
Mark is a dedicated professional that applies a practical approach to business. He knows that positive results will take care of themselves when someone hires the most optimistic, enthusiastic people and treats them well. He is very proud to have to started this business in the United States.
Mark was raised in Tripoli, Libya.  Mark’s father worked for an oil company in Tripoli, Libya. Mark has drilled wells in the some of the most challenging drilling environments in the world including countries in Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia, Europe and Offshore and Onshore Gulf Coast  USA. In addition, Mark started the first environmental disposal company in Indonesia in 1991.
Mark is a dedicated member of the American Association of Drilling Engineers, and enjoys golfing, traveling, wine tasting, and cooking in his spare time. He resides in Houston, Texas.
International Society of Business Leaders, Member, Mark Lemon, can be found in the Society Directory, where he is looking forward to networking with you.