The International Society of Business Leaders Recognizes Mark Pohlmann, PhD

Mark Pohlmann

Mark Pohlmann is the CEO of YellowOrange, a start-up created in 2016 that specializes in helping their customers to accelerate their Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects bringing expertise in psychology and cognitive sciences. Headquartered in France, they help their clients developing their business strategy, rationalizing their operating processes, integrating IT solutions and training people. In Marks’s average day, he’s responsible for general management.

Mark has always held an interest in computers and started in 1984, when his parents bought him a commodore computer. He then studied psychology and grew an interest in artificial intelligence and cognitive sciences. He holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Cognitive Sciences in Psychology from Paris VIII. Mark worked in businesses and corporate environments for over 23 years, he has grown to love what he does, combining his professional interests in sciences and business.
The philosophy of YellowOrange is one he and his wife developed years ago from the beginning with one ground rule: to do something for humans, that is very simple to understand for someone between 7 and 77 years of age. This was and remains to be the key to their success. YellowOrange sticks to these core values, giving technology to people, delighting their customers while practicing environmentally sustainable IT. Through great teamwork they are honest and regarded as trusted advisers.

On the horizon, Mark plans to continue working in the field of artificial intelligence and to ensure that the people working with this intelligent technology are doing so in an ethical way, respecting the ethics that are required for working in this innovative scientific field. He credits his success to the unique services that his company brings to the table, such as combining psychology with technological software. He is respected for his unique approach to the field and has spoken with IBM and Microsoft global about recent projects that are in the works.

Mark’s greatest professional achievement was in 1994, when he brought the Hector Program to the market. Hector Program is a computer application for psychology students to use, featuring an intelligence database and data distribution. At the time this program was considered very innovative and useful for use in schools.

In his spare time, traveling reading sports music orchestra French English German volunteer He resides near Amiens, France.

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