The International Society of Business Leaders Recognizes Mikaela Franzen

Mikaela Franzen is currently with the company Synsam. She has been involved in her field for more than 15 years in improving business while applying new effective systems. Her responsibilities are composed of managing a team of 5, operations, strategy, additional to directly reporting KPI to the C-Level Executives.
Fluent in five languages: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and English, as well as a little Dutch, Mikaela has been more driven as of lately in being more consumer focused in raising Electrolux to greater heights in sales and performance satisfaction, which will be of great use in the rising trends of understanding consumer behavior. Mikaela has been a presenter of 600 Minutes and has also premiered presentations regarding attitude coaching and goals. During her career she has also featured in internal newsletters addressing topics such as strategic performance.
What prompted Mikaela into her career was her interest in servicing customers and developing others. Her keys to success have been humility, as well as being a giver, keeping a professional presence at all ties, and most of all knowing how to communicate well with others.
She has had years of leadership with good results, and a positive experiences within processes, project leading and management skills.  She holds a Bachelor or Arts in Human Resources from TBV Akademin. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, learning about new cultures and personal training.
International Society of Business Leaders Member Mikaela Franzen can be found in the Society Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.
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