The International Society of Business Leaders Recognizes Naji Sakhat

Naji Sakhat


Naji Sakhat’s career was built after a tough journey. Starting from scratch after graduation, he made it his mission to prove to himself that he could have success without dependence on anyone. After moving to Dubai to begin his journey, he quickly moved from accounts to sales and marketing, until he got the opportunity to become a General Manager. This launched his biggest learning phase, and his biggest challenge.

As General Manager, he learned that managing a company is not only about sales, marketing and accounts- it is about everything. To manage properly his company, he had to also develop the other required skills, so he started emphasizing on the other areas of a company such as: procurement, HR, management systems, strategy building, and of course overall management. Naji always believed that to manage a company, he should know everything that happens within the company.

For successful management, he developed yearly objectives, fixed all strategies, monitored achievements and controlled the activities of all the departments. He was always looking after the customers’ satisfaction, working on the required corrective and preventive actions, and building a proper and healthy work environment. He focused on developing the skills of the team through continuous evaluation and trainings, following the international standards in quality management system, and working on achieving yearly growth thus improving the profitability of his company.

After 27 years in Dubai, Naji realized his learning phase and long experience had reached a level which allowed him to move back to Lebanon and start building a new career in consultancy. After three years of working as an executive consultant, he has developed several services to offer healthy companies looking for continuous improvement, as well as struggling companies needing assistance with their difficulties.

Today, as a Management & Strategy Consultant, Naji helps his clients to professionally evaluate their companies, build strategies, and develop professional procedures, solving their problems by assessing weaknesses and recommending solutions as well as developing business skills and knowledge.

The International Society of Business Leaders Member, Naji Sakhat, can be found on the Society Directory, where he is looking forward to networking with you.