The International Society of Business Leaders Recognizes Nore Rinnesjö Eckerberg

Nore Rinnesjö Eckerberg

With six years of experience in his field Nore is a well-rounded man with an extensive and a myriad of experience in investing. He started his own business at the age of sixteen. Nore Eckerberg wants to continue the legacy of his grandfather. Hardworking and dedicated, Nore always keeps an open mind and believes in himself in order to achieve his goals. He speaks fluent English, Swedish, Spanish and Russian Well versed to handle any business plan put in front of him- he founded UNG support six years ago. Now he is the CEO of STHLM Art Production AB.
Nore says the highlight of his career is that it is still only beginning. He has reached a lot of personal success in investments, and says his business will still grow to one day surpass him. Along the way he has had incredible luck meeting the right people along the way. His biggest inspiration is his late grandfather who became one of the most successful businessmen of his time despite not having an education or a penny to his name when starting out. He is also greatly inspired by Jane Tepley, his mentor, friend and founder of Modern Warrior Mind, who continues to inspire him to use my mind to its fullest potential.
As a small child Nore loved magic. Creating something out of nothing seemed extremely satisfying, and as a young adult he transformed the feeling of creating something out of nothing by starting his very first business at 16 years old, in addition to beginning trading shares in my spare time. When  trading picked up, he realized he could support himself with long-term investments, and shifted tracks to focus on real-world projects, projects he believed will make the world a better place. In five years time, he sees himself leading a team internationally in a vast number of areas: entertainment, technology, charities and other pet projects he can find time and passion for.
Currently, Nore is producing a feature film, “The Stockholm Leak.” Its premise is an independent newspaper journalist investigating a murder unknowingly takes on a powerful corporation seeking to destroy the environment for profit. With the help of a whistleblower inside the government, they risk their lives to expose corruption and to stop an environmental catastrophe. Nore says with this film they hope to promote good values in terms of the environment, sustainability and freedom of speech.
The other part of the business is teammaking, and his is the first investor in what he believes will be the first major international teambuilder, called JollyClick. The founder and CEO of this venture is the ever-so-passionate Christopher des Fountaines, who shares Nore’s passion for connecting people. Nore believes that they will stop working at the same place year after year and gradually start to work from project to project, in person or with an international team. In a seemingly magical way, they aim with this platform to help anyone from businesses, schools, charities and private individuals to find the right competence to put together their team. Allowing people to connect like this is why he will do all he can to make this project a spectacular success.
In the future, Nore looks forward to growing his current company, and is also looking to start another business in the technology field and expand internationally. He holds degrees in Computer Science from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Computer Science from Harvard Extension School, and Law from Stockholm University. He is affiliated with the Red Cross, Unicef, and Green Peace, and enjoys researching new technologies and reading in his spare time. He resides in Stockholm, Sweden.
International Society of Business Leaders Member, Nore Rinnesjö Eckerberg, can be found in the Society Directory, where he is looking forward to networking with you.
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