The International Society of Business Leaders Recognizes Regina Andreu, MBA

Regina Andreu

Regina Andreu has over 30 years of experience in her field. As President of LTJ EL Salvador, she oversees the business development and strategic planning for the firm. She is passionate about her work and loves to help match top candidates in jobs that will bring them and her clients’ firms to the next level.
Regina Andreu started operations in 1987, under the trade name CONTRATA, S.A. de C.V., pioneering in the labor market as an “Employment Agency” developing a portfolio of clients at the corporate level to support recruitment of their internal vacancies with the right staff according to the needs of the positions. This company was dissolved in 1990, giving way to Regina Andreu y Asociados, S.A. de C.V. with the trade name PRESELECCION EMPRESARIAL, a company devoted to human resources management.
Due to the needs of their clients, in 1996 they expanded operations within Central American, servicing both local and regional clients in diverse areas of the labor market (e.g., private sector, NGOs, and Government). In line with their continuous improvement and globalization processes, their vision has always been to grow and adapt to the innovation that develops every day. That is why in 2008 they completed an internal reengineering in the company, further expanding our services. The reimagined company launched as Latin Top Jobs Group and is still operating under that brand today.
PRESELECCION EMPRESARIAL was established in 1990 during the Civil War of El Salvador. There was no Internet at that time, and we had to deliver information to clients under the threat of bullets and bombs. That experience gave them strength and a lack of fear. For 10 years we traveled to Guatemala and Costa Rica servicing thriving Central American clients. Our database of candidates in the region grew along with the business. Today, many of these same clients are managers, professionals, or even presidents of corporations. In 2001 El Salvador was tragically damaged by two large earthquakes, crippling the economy. The business was also adversely affected by the 911 bombings in the USA. Even though their client’s businesses were harmed, they found the strength and resourcefulness to fight these adversities with vision and strong management. They survived and continued their growth. For strategic reasons, they changed the name of the business in 2008 to Latin Top Jobs Group.
Regina holds an MBA from INCAE Business School. She credits her success to hard work and perseverance and is looking forward to connecting with likeminded professionals. She speaks fluent English and Spanish.
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