The International Society of Business Leaders Recognizes Stefán Einarsson

Stefán Einarsson Stefán Einarsson is a researcher risk and vulnerability within all of human activity. Stefán was born on 19^th of August 1949 and obtained his matriculation diploma from the old Gymnasium in Reykjavik science line in 1969. He thereafter went to Berlin, completing a degree in process engineering in 1975, from the Technical University of Berlin. Later he became a teacher of math and chemistry at the grammar school in Hamrahlíð Reykjavik. In 1986, he became a tax office investigator for the Reykjavik tax office for one year. In 1987, he joined the Administration of Occupational Safety and Health as a leader of the chemical department. This task involved many complicated chemical accident investigations, such as the investigation of very serious fire on an ammonia storage tank in Gufunes Reykjavik where a flame of hydrogen almost destroyed a*sphere *containing 400 tons of ammonia under pressure,threatening the neighborhood in the main capital area and with *many casualties to be expected. *Due to misconduct on the part of the plant management and of the director of the administration, the ammonia plant exploded in 2001 and plant operation was ceased permanently and guilty parties shall supposedly be punished for their neglect. 
In 1992, Stefán started researching at the Engineering Research Institute of Iceland. A study of risk and vulnerability commenced in 1994 at NTH the Technical University of Trondheim. This study was completed in 1999, also resulting in a dissertation and an open lecture on risks and ethics. In the consequent period, Stefán started consulting and researching activities in the field of risk and vulnerability within several occupational domains. He has been involved in several projects on fire safety, the safety of seaman, of the touristic industry, in mountain operations and many projects in traffic safety. He has also been acquainted with research on air safety, so that one could say he operates within all manmade systems. Today he is occupied with bringing about a research project on risk vulnerability and resilience, with a group of high caliber professionals in safety (resilience), the economics of occupational safety and health, traffic safety and power distribution. For this endeavor, he hoped to secure the involvement of high quality specialists from the Scandinavian countries, Germany and USA. 
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