The International Society of Business Leaders Recognizes Stéphane Le Breton

Stéphane Le Breton


Stéphane Le Breton is the Managing Director of Stars and Stories France.  He has more than two decades of experience in marketing. Specialized in Management and Marketing, he participated in the launch of Stars and Stories in France and Southern Europe in 2016. Stars and Stories helps brands launch their products successfully. The company teams he has managed are experts in making brands get “Stars” and “Stories” for their products online: 100% authentic, mostly positive, all detailed and beautiful across the web! Stars and Stories is already present in Europe, Americas and Asia and work with many premium brand (70+ blue chip Clients across the Globe) that we help to positively influence their online sales cycle with authentic reviews internationally and an ROI approach. His teams accurately select consumers in perfect affinity with the product to test and review, based on the brands briefings and our marketing teams. These consumers write 2 to 3 different online reviews (75 to 150 words on average), all authentic, on the sites accepting these reviews. These review activations allow companies to increase sales and benefit from feedback that helps them grow or adapt to their customers “needs and expectations.

As MD of Stars and Stories for France and Southern Europe, together with his team and with the help of his colleagues and of the founders of the company headquartered in the Netherlands, he helps brands to accelerate their sales and boost conversion rates exponentially thanks to authentic online reviews.

Stéphane recruits, manages and motivates a team of sales and operational executives, builds partnership with major e-commerce websites, does set-up pricing and commercial offer with the founders, and helps the sales and operational teams in their internal and external challenges. He also searches for new business opportunities and celebrates his main achievement: multiplying the turnover by 10 in 3 years!

His Stars and Stories teams are experts in making brands get “Stars” and “Stories” for their products online. They are 100% authentic, mostly positive, all detailed and beautiful reviews across the web. They influence positively the online sales cycle with a ROI approach, and work internationally with offices in Amsterdam region (HQ), in Paris, in Milan and in Stockholm. They can activate reviews in Europe, Americas, Asia with a team of more than 15 nationalities. Their portfolio consists of many another premium brands (70+ blue chip Clients across the Globe).

Stéphane started his career in marketing and was asked to launch the company in France. He holds a Masters Degree from the University of France in Marketing, 1998. On the horizon he would like to become a shareholder of the great marketing and IT agency that is Stars and Stories.

Stéphane takes pride in being able to create something from nothing. He was given the opportunity to grow and start up the company, and it has flourished and become very successful. He is looking forward to networking and connecting with other like-minded professionals, and to gaining the recognition and credibility of being a member.

The International Society of Business Leaders Member, Stéphane Le Breton, can be found on the Society Directory, where he is looking forward to networking with you.