The International Society of Business Leaders Recognizes Vladimir Lazar MD, PhD

Vladimir Lazar MD, PhD is the COO and Founder of WIN Consortium, an organization specializing in extending the lives and creating a better quality of life for cancer patients through research, international cooperation and implementation.
Since 2010, Dr. Lazar has expanded his innovative research based organization into 14 countries across Europe, the US, and Asia Pacific. WIN Consortium assumes the unique identity of a veritable academic organization in addition to an industrial entity, and works tirelessly to extend survival rates for cancer patients globally through research, medicine, education, and early detection Dr. Lazar’s daily activities at WIN Consortium include, but are not limited to, oversight and maintenance of all the aspects of the organization, oversight of the Research and Development programs, and project management.
Dr. Lazar is renowned by partners and colleagues for his dynamic presence, vast expertise, and true dedication to the work he is doing. Also a prolific public speaker, Dr. Lazar is a veteran at sharing his ideas with the world through teaching, lecturing at conferences and seminars, in addition to having written over 100 scientific publications, and 6 patents.
Dr. Lazar resides in Villejuif, France, where he enjoys music, art, philosophy and is an avid reader.
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