The International Society of Business Leaders Recognizes Yiwen Jiang


Yiwen “Yana” Jiang is founder of Yana Health Nutrition Clinic, established in 2013. After decades of research work in the field of biochemistry, Yana was determined to apply her years of intensive research experience to advance the wellness of others. To help people through custom health nutrition solutions.
She graduated in Nanjing University, which is China’s major university. She holds a Bachelors in Biochemistry. She is a Scientist, and came from Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, which is China’s most advanced scientific research unit. She engaged in biochemical research while she was there for 10 years. She did biomedical research before and after a total of around six years, mainly engaged in cancer research at National Cancer Institute, NIH, which is the world’s most authoritative medical research unit.
On this basis, she undertook a special mission – To use a novel Nucleic Acid Technology, which can be highly amplified for testing HIV and used with a variety of different clinical drugs to treat AIDS patients for the US Military. She was an Assistant Research Specialist of the only of Chinese descent to participate in this particular HIV research project of the US Military.
She worked as a Pharmacist at the Chinese Medical Clinic, and dispensed herbs to patients, and has written scholarly articles on DNA and also writes about anti-aging and anti-cancer methods.
She is a member of Canada-Chinese E-Commerce Alliance, Chinese Business Chamber of Canada, Market America, Jeunesse, and World. She resides in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. Her knowledge and her compassion has been key to her success over the years. Driven by a desire to have a positive impact on the wellbeing of others, Yana’s goal is to extend her reach and help a larger amount of people.
Yiwen “Yana” Jiang says: “I’d like to use my basic medical knowledge to help more people to change their sub-health status.”
International Society of Business Leaders, Member, Yiwen Jiang, can be found in the Society Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.