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  • Title : CMO DACH, CRB & Medical Director

    Company Name: Philips Healthtech

    Industry : Hospital & Health Care

    Location : Zurich,ZH,Switzerland

    Specialty : Healthcare and Medicine; Insurance Industry; Medtech; Life Sciences; Business Strategies; Change Management; Project Management; Emergency Medicine; Relationship Management; International Contexts; Strategic Leadership; Strategic Partnerships; Negotiations; Research; Cardiology; Psychosocial; Psychosomatic, Emergency and Disability Medicine

    Biography :

    Dr. Urs Schneider is a visionary strategic medical, healthcare, and insurance consultant and change agent with over 20 years of experience. Dr. Schneider has a distinguished career driving healthcare innovations and qualitatively best solutions, generating added value and state-of-the-art practices at every level of the healthcare industry. He has served in the capacity of Chief Medical Officer & Medical Director and Director of Global Clinical Research Board at Philips Healthtech, healthcare and consumer lifestyle firm (part of Philips Electronics, based in Zürich, Switzerland, since 2001. Dr. Schneider oversees sectors within Austria, Germany, and Switzerland and most of his career focus has been on cardiology, psych medicine, and social medicine.

    Dr. Schneider’s strategic highlights include the launch of several disease-management programs across Switzerland, and working in close collaboration with leading cardiology departments, particularly at University Hospitals of Zürich and Bern. He delivered implementation of Campus Zürich research centre to promote best use of Philips Healthtech resources and drove strategic alignment of diverse silos such as technicians and scientists into “one Philips cloud.“ Dr. Schneider earned appointment of Medical Director of Clinical Research Board.

    Dr. Schneider has always had a passion for medicine and research to change the lives of others.  He is a dynamic leader, able to skilfully align diverse leaders from around the world to develop and launch mutual strategies that improve healthcare on a global scale. He is reputable for combining strategic outlook with hands-on medical practice experience. Dr. Schneider has a proven track record of diversifying professional interests to pursue contemporary research developments while applying relevant insights and cutting-edge technologies in day-to-day medical care. He is a current assessor for federal disability insurance court and has a valid practice license. Dr. Schneider attributes his success to being able to listen to others, interpersonal relationships, and building sustainable relationships with others.

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