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  • Title : Owner

    Company Name: Betsey Funeral Home

    Industry : Funeral Services

    Location : Quincy, Florida

    Specialty : All funeral services and customer service.

    Biography :

    Gertrude Betsey’s expertise lies in all funeral services and customer service, however, Gertrude believes that customer service is much deeper than providing services and ensuring customer satisfaction. She strives to provide families with the dignity and attention that they deserve throughout a tumultuous time and provides every family with individualized care and sensitivity. Additionally, Gertrude […]

  • Title : Mining Engineer

    Company Name: Bio Thermal Solutions

    Industry : Mining & Exploration

    Location : Austin, TX

    Years Of Professional Experience : 21-25 Years

    Specialty : Solid Bio Fuels

    Biography :

    Xavier Ochoa has published numerous technical papers as well as having conducted many interview sessions in print and broadcast media. Xavier attributes his success to his ability to communicate effectively technical matters in layman terms to non technical audiences and executives. In 5 years he aspires to own his own business while expanding the global […]

  • Title : Director

    Company Name: Career Hunt/Adelaide Business Brag

    Industry : Human Resources

    Location : Findon, South Australia, Australia

    Years Of Professional Experience : 11-15 Years

    Specialty : Online Career Opportunities

    Biography :

    As Director and Principal HR Consultant, Elena founded HR Management Consulting in September 2012 to provide small to medium sized businesses with affordable and effective HR solutions. Offering more than a decade of experience in Operational HR & Recruitment, Elena continues to be recognised by clients for her diligent work style that provides business owners […]

  • Title : Instructor, Qualifications Executive

    Company Name: TTS Institute

    Industry : Education

    Location : Finland

    Years Of Professional Experience : 1-5 Years

    Specialty : Qualifications & Evaluations

    Biography :

    Taavi Forssell is an eduction professional teaching adult education at the TTS Institute in Finland. Taavi focuses on teaching entrepreneurship. qualifications, and evaluations at all 3 levels. The institute is recognized in Europe as a premier destination and is looking to expand their reach internationally. TTS is a research, development and training institute. It was […]

  • Title : Director

    Company Name: CORAOPS

    Industry : Information Technology

    Location : Madrid, Spain

    Years Of Professional Experience : More than 25 years

    Specialty : Coaching & Mentoring in the IT Sector

    Biography :

    Manuel Duran attributes his success to passion and commitment. In the next 5 years, he aspires to become the resident expert for innovation, creativity, and change in Iberia. He has over 25 years experience in various multinational organizations in the IT sector Currently attached to different organizations in the pursuit of excellence. His motto: “Only […]