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  • Title : Academic Director

    Company Name: CommuniKids Preschool and Children's Language Centers

    Industry : Education

    Location : Washington, DC, United States

    Years Of Professional Experience : 11-15 Years

    Specialty : Promoting Cross Cultural Competency & Fluency in 2nd Language

    Biography :

    Raul Echerarria’s goal as an educator is to lay the foundation for global citizenship by providing students with language skills, cultural understanding, and values needed to succeed in an increasingly interconnected world. Raul built success from global understanding of how children learn, being creative, and finding ways to create a space where children learning can […]

  • Title : Owner

    Company Name: A Photobook For You

    Industry : Publishing

    Location : Killarney, Ireland

    Years Of Professional Experience : 21-25 Years

    Specialty : Storybooks

    Biography :

    Karie O’Toole started my business “A Photobook For You” 18 months ago when my children came back from trip around the world, stored their amazing images and then forgot about them. Karie created storybooks for them and got great feedback. She has been designing wedding albums for the previous 7 years and decided to go […]

  • Title : CEO

    Company Name: Freezone Sound Design

    Industry : Marketing & Communications

    Location : Copenhagen, Denmark

    Years Of Professional Experience : More than 25 years

    Specialty : High Level Commercials

    Biography :

    Bjørn Vidø started Freezone Sound Design at 17 and grew it to renown communications firm in Scandinavia. Business expansion globally is underway.

  • Title : Managing Director

    Company Name: Baoli (HK) LTD

    Industry : Watchmaking

    Location : Hong Kong

    Years Of Professional Experience : 21-25 Years

    Specialty : Product Development

    Biography :

    Oliver Dreyer has been a Master Watch Maker since 1986, attended Technical University in 1988, became a Foreign Trade Merchant in 1991, and his first buying trip to Asia was in 1992. Oliver became a Power of Attorney in 1995 and then immigrated to Hong Kong in 1997, there becoming a General Manager in 1999 […]

  • Title : Director

    Company Name: True North Strategy

    Industry : Strategy & IT

    Location : Woodmead, South Africa

    Years Of Professional Experience : More than 25 years

    Specialty : Strategy Facilitation mostly in IT field

    Biography :

    Sandy holds a B.Com from UNISA and an MBA from University of Southern Queensland in Australia. Her career began in Coopers & Lybrand where she spent 8 years and held the role of Senior Consultant when she left. For five years she was instrumental in the development and launch of the Bond Market Exchange. In […]